Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My own design character!

Here's my own design characters!

I've draft first four column comic, but intro the two characters to u first ;)



Coming soon! hehe...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ED's drawing, no copyright, dont sue me

Last night when i read one of my best friend, Kai Hua's blog, his drawing inspired me to draw.

I've spent this evening to draw few pictures, i started think of my childhood cartoon then camoe out with an idea and find pictures over the internet.

Hopefully it wont infringe those cartoon copyright, hehe..

The following is my drawing:





4. =.='''

The following luan luan lai de.. haha

I might sound childish.. haha.. dont care~

Goodbye Emo September, welcome October!!!

I almost forgot the existence of blog~ more than half a year didnt update my blog~ hehe

I was emo for the whole September, it was such a terrible month since i cant really sleep well, having insomnia quite frequent that i though i was addicted to it.

So, i decided to share my feeling to some of my friends.
I didnt share my feeling to all of my best friends doesnt mean that i dont treat u all as my best friend, just that don feel like share to so many people.
I still can remember first time meeting of all my friends or how we met.

Maybe i'm pessimist..

I was emo so i try reading articles posted in FB to comfort my feeling. Actually all those articles were suppose to serve and comfort female reader one, haha.. but i don care..

Lucky to have friendsss...

These are the summary of words from them:
- if i were u, i will write down all the unhappy things in a book
- time heals
- think of the less fortunate people to compare how lucky you are
- things will getting better in future
- don think too much
- and so on

Thanks! I sincerely thanks to those friends who willing to listen to me patiently.

That was my emo September, I should look forward to October where school reopen ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new hobby - papercraft

Long time no see! Long time didnt write on my blog!

I was browsing internet to see list of pokemon tat night, quite childish ho? haha.. childhood memory.
Then i saw Pokemon papercraft, quite interesting.
I book mark the web page and starts doing near christmas, not to do it for girls la..
make it just for fun.
I was thinking, if wan to do Pokemon then do the most popular n one of the cutest character - Pikachu. When people think of pokemon, they will think of Pikachu as well.

I thought it was easy since the creator from internet said so, but it's not easy for me, lots of patience needed for doing it and i've took six hours to finish it.
The difficult part of it is the empty inside papercraft, bend the paper to paste on the perfect position. It's like butterfly effect, if u paste a stripe slightly out of position, the other stripe u paste will also affected too, ends up the shape gt a bit defect.
The fingers is very very difficult to make, i've gave up on it.. haha..
Since the papercraft is empty inside, i filled it with waste papers to remain the shape of Pikachu n put some weight to stand stable.

Last night, i did another paper craft again, this time is a much easier one, foot ball coin box. It took me around 2 hours only.
My housemate gave me his 200gsm thick A4 paper when i'm in the middle of doing the football, zadao.. All the time i was using my normal 80gsm A4 paper, it's fragile. Maybe next time.

I put them on my table, makes my table even more messy.
haha.. I guess i don have the characteristic of Virgo zodiac ;P

haha.. wats next? :) i have something on mind but i wont be doing it soon..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Supper at Serdang curry mee~

Today i've spent half a day in library to study Securities subject which will be tested on coming thursday, unfortunately my mind cant absord info from the notes, maybe it's too "early" for studying it. Still dont have the mood :)

I was thinking to bring my friends to go eat Serdang curry mee as supper since i have car, need to contribute back to "society" which refer to my friends, haha. Really appreciate our friendship.

1st "offer sms" sent to Ah Loong, around 1 minute, he replied, really like doctor, 24 hours On Call.

2nd "offer sms" to Kai hua housemate, this time took longer time to reply, he n Alex confirmed.

3rd "offer sms" goes to Maggie.
No more "vacancy" liao~

I wrote some words with open inverted coma because next semester will be my internship/ practical training!
I've been chatting with Ah Loong at Facebook these days discussing and complaining our current nightmare which is Unemployed!!!
We had applied Big4 which are very important companies for accountant, then after discussion, we even applied Audit Firm which ranked 5th, 6th, 7th in M'sia.
We dont get any reply till now! How sad :(
Hopefully this week got reply from them so that i can go interview during my mid term break.

Back to curry mee trip, we met at Block C guardhouse at 9.30pm. They were so punctual!
We chat all the way to Serdang.. haha.. no advertisement break..
During the conversation, Maggie mentioned that she had read my blog, very touching~ then i suddenly realized that i didnt read Ah Loong's blog for months! I used to be a fan of his blog, reading everyday.

I ordered bungkus/ da bao big curry ho fan for Kim Ming when almost done eating. Waited for quite long, ask the auntie again, she said forgot liao, sweat =.=''' then she added, need to wait the pot of curry to boil first, really wait for very very long time, luckily me and my friends keep on chatting, then wont feel boring .

On the way back, Maggie mentioned that she saw a guy rap "Empire State of Mind", very cool! Then got girls gave their handphone number to him. This guy really something, cause rapping either this song or "Love the way you lie" is a very very difficult thing.

I like "empire state of mind" very much because of the nice lyrics which inspiring and motivate New Yorker, whereas i like the very emotional vocal of the rap in "love the way you lie".

Really enjoy going out with them, especially those seniors who are staying Cyberjaya for the last semester.
Those memories are treasure!
Hopefully there are more outings in this semester.